President's Blog

Hello all, and Happy Jewish New Year!

This outgoing year held much significance for me and my family. A new daughter, a new home, a new job for Jill and a new role for me as board president (all in a two month span, mind you). My life has been filled with many wonderful changes. Many wonderful time consuming changes. This year, on Rosh Hashanah, I will be praying for a simple year. Presidential Election excluded, I am hoping for no major events in our lives or even average events. I want my family to sleepwalk through the year with a calmness that has been elusive for so long. 

The year 5777 will be the year the Siegel household recharges its batteries. By god, I don’t want to pull into work each day with a glazed over look and stare at the monitor for two hours. The year 5777 will be the year the Siegels are content. We had a magical/exhausting 5776. This year we can give back, just not too much. They year 5777 is the year the Siegels grow. As a new family of five, we will have a new dynamic. We will meet new neighbors and make new friends, but not too many.

We look to the future. We look to 5778 and the many adventures it holds. Then we turn our gaze back to 5777, scowl , and in a stern voice say, “Don’t even think about it!”

As for you my fellow congregants, I hope this year is everything you hope for and more, just not too much more. 

Warmest regards, 

Aaron Siegel