Our Current Project:

CBD has embarked on an ambitious project to build a new education and cultural center on the existing campus on Chinowth. 

You can donate to the project by clicking on the PayPal button below.  All proceeds will go toward the new building.

Fundraising Committee Report

It’s hard to believe that our religious year is almost over. Rosh Hashana is just around the corner which also means that Saucy September can’t be far away. Our annual fund raising event is Saturday, September 29th at 6 pm. We have a lot of fun things planned including one of last year’s favorites, Kyle Elder and his Magical Act, silent auctions and raffles. As of this writing we have only about 4 tables left so please contact me or Lisa Strongin for tickets.

An update from the Cake Auction. I promised an update in the summer Shofar and I think I missed it. As memory serves, we made a record amount of over $3600. It was an amazing turnout and we raised a lot of money for our new building. Our quest for $1 Million continues with Saucy September, the Cake Auction and our newest fundraiser, Purim Poker. Look for news on that in January.

Finally, we are still looking for sponsors for Saucy. I have 
sponsorships available for a Magnum of Champagne at $200, Wine at $500 and Event at $1000. Please contact me to assist in
our projects.

I hope your New Year is sweet and your fast brief.